Mission Statement:
The mission of Your Average Jo Biker Club is to get more people of all ages on bikes more often.  Whether riding to work, play, grocery store or to the dentist the best way to get there is by bicycle.  To achieve this goal Your average Jo Biker Club will promote events designed to get bicyclists of all abilities out and riding- not just racers or high mileage tourists.  We want more people doing daily errands by bicycle.
    We will work towards making Peoria, IL and the surrounding area more bicycle friendly by getting bicycle parking regulations that require bicycle parking facilities to be added to the city  building codes thereby giving bicycle shoppers and commuters a safe and practical way to do their business by bike.  No more getting treated like second class citizens because of our choice in transportation.

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If you think we are taking up too much room just imagine if we were all in cars.

We aren't blocking traffic.  We ARE traffic!!
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"Moderate Exercise - such as walking and biking - is the number one change Americans can make to improve their health."

Surgeon General

"Children and Adults should walk or bike to errands, work or leisure activities to meet minimum exercise requirements."

American Medical Association
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A Bad Day of Riding is Always Better Than a Good Day at Work!!

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The Revolution will not be Motorized
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