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Critical Mass of Salem leaves from the salem transit center (NW corner) at 5:30 pm every friday. The major rides (where everyone dresses up as whatever they want to) are on the first fridays of every month. Ride your bike with us in the Salem streets(and show your flags and signs if you have them!) to show your support for humanity and earth by protesting the abuse of fossil fuels and the high price of extracting them from sources such as the Middle East (namely in lives and taxpayers' money). Support a clean, easy, cheap means of transportation that keeps you fit and healthy by showing Salem residents that their destructive way of life can't go on much longer!

This page can also be accessed from the following url: .

If you need a bike to use as a primary source of city transportation, contact us on the Bike Library page. We build custom bikes and give them away for free to people in need of a bike who would like to help end America's transporation distress.

Click here to view some past pictures.